Unique opportunities in real estate.


Cadia Capital Group is a national investment firm focused on opportunities within affordable multifamily housing and unique accommodations. Our strategy is based on high cash flow, paired with opportunities to increase property valuations.

We believe in strong cash flow, paired with unique opportunities for asset appreciation. We achieve these initiatives through strategic acquisitions in multifamily real estate.  


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 Cash Flow

We target assets which posses both immediate cash flow, as well as the opportunity for increased cash flows in the near future.

Property Construction

Forced Appreciation

By increasing operational efficiencies, we increase property values, while also improving the quality of life for the community. 

City Landscape

Emerging Markets

We never shy from taking our strategy nationally in the pursuit of  areas experiencing unique growth and market appreciation.


Wilder and Pine Photo 2.jpg

Wilder & Pine Riverside Cabins


Bridge RV Hero Shot .jpg

Gorge Base Camp RV Park



Gorge Apartments - Sold



Eastern Carolina MHP & RV

North Carolina


Gorge MHP & RV



Northeast Carolina MHP

North Carolina

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North Carolina MHP

North Carolina

Pine Meadows 2.jpg

Arkansas MHP


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Pennsylvania MHP Portfolio


Aerial View of Suburban Street

Ormond Beach Portfolio



Why Multifamily Real Estate?

Cash Flow

Cash flow from rental real estate is a great benefit, not always realized through more traditional asset classes. For example, stocks, bonds and raw land can all offer asset appreciation, but rarely offer a steady predictable stream of income. Cash flow provides freedom and the ability to capitalize on an investment from day one.

Tax Benefits

Real estate offers investors more tax benefits than any other asset class. Among many, these benefits include; interest write offs, depreciation, tax free exchanges and tax advantaged opportunity zones.


Similar to competing asset classes, multifamily real estate has the potential for great appreciation. However, unlike competing assets, investors in multifamily have a much greater level of control. By driving operational efficiencies and making strategic  property enhancements, investors in multifamily real estate can maximize profits, and therefore greatly increase the value of the property (force the appreciation). This value is further increased by investing in emerging markets. As a rule of thumb, every extra dollar in annual income results in a $10-$20 increase in asset valuation (market dependent). 


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Travis Dillard

Travis has been investing in real estate for several years. From new builds, to commercial properties, historic buildings and multifamily, Travis is well versed in the world of real estate. Travis is knowledgeable in deal flow, underwriting, operations and value creation. Outside of real estate, Travis successfully built and sold a national communications company.

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Mitchell England

Mitchell began investing in real estate at 19 years old. Over the past several years, he has successfully acquired, improved, and sold many properties across various asset classes. As a licensed broker, he has also represented many clients within commercial real estate. Today he supports Cadia in deal flow, underwriting, acquisitions and operations. 


Amanda Valentine

As an Asset Manager, Amanda works closely with our local professional management teams to ensure maximum day-to-day asset optimization.  Amanda also work closely with local contractors to ensure successful execution of projects.  She is responsible of each properties asset's unique "value add" business plan to maximize Net Operating Income (NOI), equity and investors returns.


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