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Gorge Base Camp RV


Gorge Base Camp RV Park provides central access to the beautiful Columbia River Gorge. Consisting of a total of 35 pads in White Salmon, WA, Gorge Base Camp is the ideal location from which to launch any and all Northwest adventures.


World class hiking, biking, kiteboarding, windsurfing, skiing, snowboarding, paddle boarding, and kayaking, can all be found within 30 minutes of this one of a kind location. With persistent tourism continually growing in this untapped area, the need for places to park/camp is in increasing demand.

Having recently acquired this asset, our team is working hard to execute on the value add plan. This includes new branding new signage, a revitalized website, new google listing and Facebook page. As an operational value add, we are also implementing a new booking software to maximize revenue. This includes the implementation of dynamic pricing, site segregation, as well as an algorithmic calendar to increase overall nights reserved. 


As we execute on the value add plan, we anticipate an increase of cash flow after debt of 50-100%. We also expect to grow the asset value by 25-50%. 

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