Bridgeton Rv & Mobile

Bridgeton RV & Mobile consists of a total of 39 units located in New Bern, NC. North Carolina is currently one of the fastest growing states in the country. Furthermore, the demand for affordable housing remains a challenge for many cities in the state. 


Currently there are 19 RV pads and 20 Mobile home spaces located on over 7 acres of land. Current cash flow remains far and above the debt service providing a high cash on cash return. According to local zoning and planning laws, each mobile home pad can be transitioned to 2 RV lots.

We are currently increasing the property's Net Operating Income by increasing rents and lot density. The end result will yield approximately 100% increase in the property's value over the next five years.  Bridgeton RV & Mobile is currently under professional management directed by our team of asset managers.


Tel: 206-886-8122​

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