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Are you ready to put your capital to work? 


As we quickly approach a new year, we - Cadia Capital Group will be working hard to identify new and unique opportunities to create cash flow and wealth creation for our investors.

This will include opportunities as both the debt and equity partners.

About Cadia

Cadia Capital Group is a boutique investment firm focused primary on affordable housing and mobile home park assets. Our current portfolio consists of assets in North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Florida and Washington State.

Cadia is focused on finding under-optimized assets, improving operating efficiencies and thus creating for all stakeholders to include, tenants, investors and the local community.


With a combined experience of over 30 years and $50 million in real estate, Cadia Capital group was founded by Travis Dillard and Mitchell England with the vision of creating unique opportunities for outsized returns. These are returns for all stakeholders to include tenants, investors, and third party partners. By identifying, acquiring and strategically managing unique real estate assets, Cadia have been able to accomplish outsized returns across several projects in various states. 

Today, we are looking forward to a changing market and increased deal flow

In the words of a Cadia investor...

I have always loved investing, saving, and developing alternate sources of income. Dabbling in playground business endeavors, from selling bouncy balls to bartering agates. I grew, and began my career while venturing into real estate and securities, before setting my eye on commercial endeavors. 


Enter Travis and Mitchell, aka Mitch. 


Travis, Mitch, and I share goals, values, and interests. We met arbitrarily at a function and immediately connected. I expressed interest toward investing that night. Becoming their first investor was the best financial decision of my life. 


Travis and Mitch intricately know the process. They seek out, conduct diligence, and acquire ideal properties. Investing with Cadia has directly led to my financial freedom. I continue to reach out to them regularly in search of my next investment. Learn deeply from these two, invest wisely, and never look back.

Current opportunity

We are currently accepting debt investors on a Mobile Home Park project in Pennsylvania. Investors will be given 10% interest and potential equity position.  

Interested in partnering with cadia?

500 Terry Francine St. 

San Francisco, CA 94158


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